Case Study: Fabrication

The Rubin Museum of Art

The power of intention and collaboration leads to a powerful new exhibit
The power of intention and collaboration leads to a powerful new exhibit

The Rubin Museum of Art


Concept Development & Design
“Wheel of Intentions.” Potion & Ben Rubin, 2019. Based on a concept by Rubin Museum of Art, New York. Produced in association with the Center for Data Arts at The New School.



August 28, 2019



A traditional Tibetan prayer wheel is small and intended for an intimate experience. The practitioner typically turns the wheel clockwise while repeating a mantra to acquire enlightenment and release positive energy into the world.

The Rubin Museum of Art wished to create a large, contemporary and participatory version of the prayer wheel as part of their new exhibit, The Power of Intention. This wheel would measure 4 feet in diameter and facilitate a shared, public experience among exhibition visitors. The museum also wanted the wheel to have a digitally powered, interactive component, where users could input their intentions.


ATOM Arts worked with Potion Design and the museum to engineer and build this cylindrical wheel which required a turn-able top, embedded keyboard, and custom finish. The wheel seamlessly communicated wheel velocity and acceleration to the rest of the AV system which interpreted the data. The key to this successful project was how closely all of the project partners worked together, exchanging ideas and drawings freely, making sure that the concept, construction, and implementation were integrated both functionally and aesthetically.

Andrew approached our requests with ease and a collaborative, can-do attitude. He was proactive about sharing updates and making recommendations, respectfully keeping the client's goals and our project constraints top of mind. Due to his extensive expertise, Andrew was able to not only deliver a beautifully finished product, but also supported us with specifying, testing, and integrating electro-mechanical hardware at the fabrication studio. This then allowed us to seamlessly deploy our software and install at the museum. We highly recommend his services and look forward to partnering with him again on future projects.

Lindsey Andon, Producer at Potion