Case Study: Fabrication & Integration

Daisy the Test Bot

Sleek, user friendly, and tough: these traveling bots keep injections safe
Sleek, user friendly, and tough: these traveling bots keep injections safe

Daisy the Test Bot


Concept & Software
Blue Telescope

Physical Design, Integration & Fabrication


August 27, 2019



Medical professionals have to perform routine procedures like drawing blood, or injecting medication every day. If done incorrectly, the results can be fatal. This is especially true of injections that need to occur near the spine or neck.

Blue Telescope and ATOM were tasked with designing and building a road worthy practice unit where medical staff can learn how to make this critical injection. This simulator, affectionately named Daisy, needed to travel easily and safely many times per year, as well as integrate sophisticated sensors into a syringe for visual feedback for the user.


ATOM was able to build upon Blue Telescope’s imaginative concept and develop an exhibit that was robust, mobile, collapsible for shipping, adjustable for the user’s height, and cleanable in a hospital environment. Additionally, we designed a custom syringe that worked with Blue Telescope’s software. It incorporated a tiny 3D sensor, the size of a grain of rice, that tracks the location of the needle. The end result was sleek, clean, modern, and looked right at home next to the sophisticated equipment found in cutting edge research facilities. And there’s also something a bit adorable about the look and feel of these little droids!